Parliamentarian Toastmasters is an advanced Toastmasters club and a parliamentary learning lab, which focuses on developing effective leadership skills using Robert’s Rules of Order and Parliamentarian Procedures. Our meetings are designed to help members become more proficient in using parliamentary procedure.

An important area of communication and leadership development is the ability to preside over a business meeting.  Members of the Parliamentarian Toastmasters include current and past Area, Division, District, Regional and International leaders of Toastmasters, as well as members who are Certified or Registered Parliamentarians.

If you are passionate about parliamentary procedures, running effective meetings and developing effective and empowering leadership skills, visit Parliamentarian Toastmasters. Join in the fun as we learn together. 

We meet  the first Wednesday of each month, 6-7:30pm Pacific Time. Visit https://parliamentarian.toastmastersclubs.org/ for more details.

This is an Advanced Toastmasters Club. Members must be a current Toastmasters member, and enrolled in Pathways. Ongoing meeting dates and times subject to change.